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Luoyang tamar, tractor co., LTD

Luoyang tamar, tractor co., LTD is located in the base of agricultural machinery、Historical and cultural city of luoyang, henan,Hongshan industrial park is located in the provincial industrial park,Adjacent to the310National highway,The transportation is convenient,Is a collection of scientific research、Design、Production、Sales and system integration for a...

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    The stern1GZ-120Remote crawler self-propelled rotary cultivator is used9With the remote control type orchard machinery。Luoyang's ten years the company,Launch2018Version of the new product the product is a remote control operation,The second is multi-usage,There is9Big functions:1)Rotary tillage、2)Cut the grass and shattered、

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    8Month15Day,Farm machinery exhibition hot incoming field:Hebei xingtai ngawi——Garden machinery into the standard of pear hebei ngawi one hundred thousand mu(Public welfare activities),Activity time:8Month15Monday morning09:00-11:30,Activity site:Scott map search moon xingtai fruit co., LTD“In the autumn

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    1、Pre-sale consultation。2、Technical guidance。3、Daily maintenance。4、On-site maintenance。Tamar, serve you wholeheartedly!